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About Us

Fighting frizz and transforming dull damaged hair is an on going mission for many women.
Brazilian Blowdry uk  now brings you an innovative hair treatment - Etnik straight therapy.
Etnik therapy is the latest hi tec innovation in the world of brazilian blow dry treatments , that combines speed, nourishment and to give hair added volume, shine and health.
Perfect for those who live a hectic life style and wish to have perfect low maintenence hair in a flash.
Etnik therapy is more technically advanced compaired to traditional Brazilian keratin treatments where the hair has to be left untouched, unwashed and unstyled for three days after the treatment was applied. Uniquely designed for same day rinse to save you time and also gives you longer lasting results.

Cut down the time you spend styling and maintaining! Now you can have easy, managable, healthy looking hair for up to 3 months. 

Keratin is the primary protein of skin hair and nails, this natural substance gives the hair the ability to return to its original healthy shiny state. Results are visible immediatly after treatment is completed you'll be amazed to see the difference.

This treatment restores hair resiliency. Humidity rain or sweat will no longer affect the hairstyle, no more frizzy hair ! 

The process takes approx one and a half to three hrs depending on lenght and thickness of the hair.
prices start at just £65

Brazilian blow dry can be used on all types of hair. it does not guarantee a straight result, some clients may still have a wave but the hair is much more managable and the ammount of time spent on styling the hair is dramatically reduced, in some cases wash and go .
It is not  permanent and the results will fade progressively with every wash, 

A specialist shampoo without soduim chloride should be used to prolong and maintain the effect.
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